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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? There's a good chance someone else has had the same one! Either way, we're always glad to help you. And if you need to reach out to us, we're available for you here.

What are you?
We are a social media management platform for individuals and organizations of all sizes. Our platform gives you a single hub for social media publishing, across many of your social profiles.
What are the pros of your platform?
So many. To start - we're only $5 / month, for life, for the first 100,000 people. We don't believe in tiered subscriptions of any kind, so even if you come in after the first 100,000, you'll get all the features (and all new features). We will ALWAYS be cheaper than our competitors.
Is your platform free?
Unfortunately, our service is no longer free. We'll say this, though: users are able to get our service free for life through referrals and other programs. And we will continue to be RIDICULOUSLY AFFORDABLE, because we want you to enjoy what we have to offer!
How does your referral program work?
We want you to share this experience with others, and every referral program has its incentives. Once three of your referred users convert their trial to a paid subscription, your membership will be free for life. Your unique referral link can be found at the bottom of your Profile page. Copy this link and send it to friends so they can sign up.
What features do you have?
We allow users to integrate as many social accounts as they want, and post as many times as they want. Our platform allows you to post content with hashtags, mentions, and images to up to 10 social platforms at a time.
Can I create draft posts?
Yes, you can create as many draft posts as you wish. We understand that every post might not be ready for prime time, so you can keep it as a Draft until it's time to publish.
Can I schedule posts to be published at a later date/time?
Yes, we support the ability to schedule posts at a later time. We want to help you maximize audience engagement and allow you to create daily/weekly themed content.
Can I view user engagement data on each of my posts?
Yes you can! Each post has a total count of Views, Likes and Shares beneath it. To find more detailed engagement information, click on the three dot (kebab) menu in the upper right of each post and click on "Stats". We update engagement information once per day.
Can I view social feeds for all my linked accounts?
The short answer: yes you can! The long answer: we support viewing feeds for all your Instagram business profiles, Twitter accounts, Facebook Pages, and LinkedIn organizations. We update social feeds hourly.
Do you integrate with Twitter?
Yes, we integrate with Twitter. You can link as many Twitter accounts as you want!
Do you integrate with Facebook?
Yes, we integrate with Facebook. Facebook only allows apps to post to pages (not a user's wall), but you can link as many Facebook pages as you want!
Do you integrate with LinkedIn?
Yes, we integrate with LinkedIn. You can link as many LinkedIn user and organization accounts as you want!
Do you integrate with Instagram?
Yes, we integrate with Instagram! Instagram currently only allows partners to support busines accounts with linked Facebook pages, so please be sure to link your Instagram business account to it's associated Facebook page (instructions for businesses and for pages).

The current integration only supports a single image per post with an aspect ratio between 4:5 and 1.91:1, does not allow us to process deletions, and does not provide post share counts yet. Instagram is expanding functionality, and we are working to support the new functionality as they release changes!
Do you integrate with Pinterest?
We definitely want to! Pinterest is slow in allowing partners to integrate, but we're on the list and we are ready to give you access as soon as we can!
How do I update my expired linked accounts?
We can definitely help with that! Updating a linked account is the same as linking a new account! Navigate to the accounts page, click link account, and re-link your expired account. It's as simple as that.

Steps to update your account links
Do you have iPhone and Android apps?
We definitely plan to build apps for both iPhone and Android. In the meantime, our team designed the app so our users can download it as an app right now.
Steps are included below:

For iPhone devices, using the Safari browser, follow the steps in the image below:
iPhone steps to download

For Android devices, using the Chrome browser, follow the steps in the image below:
Android steps to download
How do I use this?
Great question! We offer a full-featured trial experience for all of our users. Sign up now to check it out! If you still have questions, please reach out to us here.
How do I contact support?
We get it. Things aren't always as straight-forward as we expect them to be. No worries. You are always welcome to contact us. And if you want to reach out support team directly, you can do so by emailing them at
How do I cancel my account?
Please email our support team at with the email you use to login. Let them know, and they will take care of everything for you.